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“Everyone that comes to our home comments on how well it was built.”

“Our home was well built technically and creatively…it is attractive, unique and comfortable”

“Arden has a lot of creativity and the ability to see things that I couldn’t.  With his help we were able to utilize materials that were meaningful to us.”

“We interviewed other builders, but liked Arden’s attitude and skills.  He loved to build on hills.  He’d built an elevator before.  He had answers to ‘what about this?’  We’d thoroughly recommend him.”

“Arden was a fantastic person to work with because he did what he said he would do.  On budget.  On time. With integrity.  Beautifully.”

“Arden actually took our ideas and did something with them.”

“Because of Arden I had fun doing this project.  There was no stress.  We were so happy we would build with him again…a pretty rare thing to say.”